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1 - 10 pound block Shelburne Farms Cheese (out of code)

$200.00 $125.00

We have sold out of the original offer. We are now selling the remainder of the cheese. We have 19 of the 10 pound blocks left.  

Certified Kosher Cheddar, (Chalav Stam, this is NOT  ChalavYisroel)

This limited edition cheddar has now been aged for 2 years. Certified kosher by the Rabbinical Council of New England. This farmstead, vegetarian cheddar was made with raw milk, certified kosher starter cultures, microbial rennet, and salt. From the filling of the tanks to labeling, every part of the process was overseen by a rabbi, and the finished cheese bears the KVH seal. This rich, buttery cheddar was made in the spring of 2016 in collaboration with Shelburne Farms.

This cheese was packaged last year and is beyond the date stamped on the wrapper. The funny thing is we are about to cut the rest of the cheese from this production and sell it as a 2 year aged cheese, at a premium.