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Ludwig Farmstead Creamery - Jacobs Dream Havarti Style cheese 5oz

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Certified by the CRC in Chicago, aged for over 18 months. 

When new this cheese was a soft mild cheese, but as it has aged, it has gotten sharper. Delicious on crackers, the taste of this cheese now reminds me of a Manchego.

This is a 5-ounce wedge.

From their website...

Ludwig Farmstead Creamery is proud to introduce a Certified Kosher Havarti-style artisan cheese, Jacob’s Dream, now available to add to your Kosher selections. Jacob Ludwig's favorite cheese was the Havarti. Sweet flavors of cream cover your palate leaving a mild rich after taste. Made with the original Jake's Wheel recipe, Jacob's Dream is a raw milk, semi-soft cheese that melts well.

This Kosher cheese is certified by the Chicago Rabbinical Council...... Created using non-animal rennet......Jacob’s Dream is also for those who desire a level of consistent taste and superior quality. Jacob's Dream is great in recipes, by itself, or paired with fruit, nuts, and wine.